Swiss Country Market

The Farm Market that has a little bit of everything! 

Call us at: (419)-642-4173


Bulk Items: 


  • locally & naturally grown
  • Sweet flavor 
  • Picked daily 
  • Comes in flats (8 quarts)
  • 2nds available upon request*


  • Michigan Grown 
  • Fresh picked, prior to our pickup
  • Big & full of sweet flavor
  • Come in 5# boxes & 10# boxes
  • Comes in the third week of July
  • Easy to freeze! Freeze individually! 


  • Michigan Grown
  • Black Raspberries
  • Red Raspberries 
  • Come in 2 1/2 pound bags 
  • Fresh picked then frozen
  • Comes in the third week of July

Sour Cherries

  • Ohio Grown 
  • Montmorency Cherries
  • Great for baking or smoothies! 
  • Already Pitted, Cleaned, and flash   frozen. 
  • Comes in 10# tubs
  • Comes in the second week of July

Other Items Available: 

  • Rhubarb (Local)
  • Ohio Beets               
  • Onions
  • Ohio Green Beans 
  • Cabbage (Homegrown)
  • Cucumbers (Homegrown) 
  • Broccoli (Homegrown) 
  • Zucchini (Homegrown)
  • Lodi Apples (July, Local)
  • Yellow Squash (Homegrown)
  • Ohio Plums 

Upon request other items can

 be available in larger quantities.

Bulk Items: 

Sweet Corn

  • Homegrown
  • Bi-Color
  • Non-Gmo
  • Picked fresh everyday! 
  • Comes in pre-made 5 dozen bags
  • Perfect for freezing!
  • Unbelievable taste! Can eat it raw! 
  • Day old corn --- selectively available        throughout season!


  • Ohio grown
  • Various sizes available 
  • Pickles come in large bin, customers are to personally sort and choose exactly   what they want out of the bin(s). 
  • Bring own container - get a discount!
  • Must come asap -- will not hold!  


  • Green Bell 
  • Red Bell 
  • Jalapeno 
  • Banana - Sweet & Hot  
  • All Homegrown 


  • Homegrown 
  • Roma Variety (Meatier) 
  • Round Variety (More Juice) 
  • Picked 2-3 times per week,              depending on weather. 
  • August - October 


  • Ohio Grown 
  • Freestone (Cling-Free)
  • Red Haven Variety
  • Perfect for Canning/Freezing/        Baking


  • Over 15 Varieties
  • Locally grown in Ohio 
  • High Quality
  • Weekly Shipments
  • Seconds (for sauce) Available
  • Refer over to our apple chart            for more information  (Coming         soon)

Bring your own box for select items and receive a discount! Make sure you check out the local Town Money Saver for additional coupons or offers. 

Please contact us to place orders. For our orders we require a 24 hour pick up policy. If the item(s) are picked up after that time frame there will be an added storage fee.